Gabriella Bangle


Fireworks for your wrist! This wide bangle was created from vintage tortoiseshell-colored bakelite. At almost 2 inches wide, it is a substantial piece and not for the meek. The beautiful golden color of the bakelite has been complemented with a starburst pattern of citrine that is edged with diamonds. Five identical sections are evenly spaced around the bangle. All of the 225 gemstones have been individually mounted in 18k yellow gold bezels. 

Metal   18-Karat Yellow Gold (Au750)

Diamond 1.05 ctw
Citrine 16.72 ctw


Inner Diameter 64.50 mm (2.54 in)
Inner Circumference 202.63 mm (7.98 in)
Width 46.25 mm (1.82 in)

Notes One-of-a-kind
May not be sized up or down
SKU 40551036


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