Cecelia Bangle


From the Mark Davis Collector Line, this laminated bangle has been created from two vintage bangles, in complementary shades of brown, that have been sliced and joined precisely together. The bracelet features a straight line of alternating citrine and smoky quartz. Each stone is bezel-set in 18k yellow gold and perfectly placed along the seam where the two pieces meet. This elegantly understated bangle is beautiful on its own, but its neutrality makes it stackable.

Metal   18-Karat Yellow Gold (Au750)

Citrine 0.57 ctw
Smoky Quartz 1.93 ctw


Inner Diameter 64.00 mm (2.52 in)
Inner Circumference 201.06 mm (7.92 in)
Width 15.50 mm (0.61 in)

Notes One-of-a-kind
May be sized up or down
SKU 41501366

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