Mark Davis Black Bakelite and Gem-Set BanglesTHE COMPANY

Founded in New York City in 1999, Mark Davis is an ultra-niche designer and manufacturer of hypercrafted luxury goods. All of our products are finely crafted labors of love, each individually designed and produced for the most discerning clientele in the world.

Our company is known for its adherence to the tradition of artisans. Mark Davis offers a finite number of superb creations for clients who have a genuine appreciation of the nonpareil.

In late 2019, the Company relocated to Beaufort, South Carolina. Located in the Carolina Low Country, our new home of Beaufort was discovered by the Spanish about 500 years before us in 1514. It is a beautiful, small, photogenic town that we are thrilled to call home.

Mark Davis Red White Blue Bakelite Gem-Set BanglesAN AMERICAN BRAND MADE IN AMERICA

We manufacture all of our products in the United States. Some items are manufactured with materials that by their very nature must come from other parts of the world. However, all design, assembly and manufacturing is done here, in Beaufort, South Carolina by American workers. As an American brand, we feel our products need to be made in America.

Mark Davis Orange Bakelite Bangles with Gemstones


Our corporate ethics prohibit the use of gemstones that originate from a group or country that engages in or supports illegal, inhumane, or terrorist activities. Furthermore, we do not use coral, ivory or any other material derived from fauna or flora listed as endangered or threatened in CITES Appendices I, II and III. We are also against the use of antique or vintage coral and ivory, including mastodon and wooly mammoth ivory. We have taken this position because the use of these materials does nothing to discourage the exploitation of these or similar materials from new sources. In fact, it most likely encourages and furthers the demand for these materials.

Beyond the basics of being “green,” our holistic, environmental responsibility policy also means bettering our neighborhood, our planet and the lives of others through conservation, preservation, employment opportunities, and philanthropy. More information about our commitment to the environment is available in the sustainability area.

Mark Davis Bakelite Bangles with Floral Inlay and Gemstones


Mark Davis is committed to responsible corporate citizenship and helping improve the quality of life not just in the communities where our clients and employees live and work but globally. Every year, Mark Davis donates jewelry for fundraising events, as well as financial capital, to charitable organizations. The company primarily focuses its philanthropic efforts on environmental, health and women’s economic empowerment issues. For additional information about our philanthropic activities and guidelines, please visit the philanthropy area of our website.

Mark Davis Bakelite Bangle and Ring


Please visit the product information area to learn about our singular products and the unique materials we use.

Mark Davis Bakelite Blue and Yellow Bangles with Oval Inlay and Gemstones


Our company would not be where it is today without the remarkable creativity, vision and tenacity of Mark Davis. Read more about Mark Davis, the man, here.