Lattice Bangle


This incredible blue bangle is from the Mark Davis Collector Line. Inlaid with an overlapping lattice pattern formed from precisely cut pieces of vintage bakelite, this bangle illustrates the remarkable skill that Mark Davis' studio lavishes on items from the Collector Line. Every section of the lattice design is interlocked with the next. The motif is unbroken and encircles the bangle without a beginning or end. Brilliant and colorful gemstones, individually bezel-set in 18k yellow gold, are placed in three rows contained within the lattice pattern. This gorgeous bangle is, of course, one-of-a-kind.

Metal   18-Karat Yellow Gold (Au 750)

Amethyst 0.41 ctw
Citrine 0.56 ctw
Rhodolite Garnet 0.84 ctw
Tsavorite Garnet 0.72 ctw
Peridot 0.51 ctw
Blue Sapphire 0.23 ctw
Pink Sapphire 0.23 ctw
Yellow Sapphire 0.23 ctw
White Topaz 0.78 ctw


Inner Diameter 64.30 mm (2.53 in)
Inner Circumference 202.00 mm (7.95 in) 
Width 36.50 mm (1.44 in)

Notes One-of-a-kind
May be sized down only
SKU 41251390


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