Mark Davis

Bakelite Bangle


This incredible bangle was created from olive green vintage bakelite. The bangle has been inlaid with a light greenish-blue bakelite with remarkable marbling. Each inlaid circle is surrounded by a frame of individually set citrines set in 18k yellow gold bezels. One-of-a-kind and an exemplary demonstration of Mark Davis's masterful ability to transform vintage bakelite into strikingly modern jewels.

Metal   18 karat yellow (750)
Collection Collector
Gemstones Citrine 2.63 cts
Diamond 4.23 cts
Ruby 1.77 cts
Rhodolite 2.11 cts
White topaz 7.09 cts
Inner Diameter 64.00 mm (2.52 in)
Inner Circumference 201.00 mm (7.92 in)


• Vintage solid olive green bakelite with stunningly marbled inlaid disks of greenish-blue bakelite
• Each disk is precisely framed with a line of citrines mounted in 18k yellow gold
• 2.63 ct tw citrine
• Polished 18k yellow gold
• Inner diameter 64.00 mm (2.52 in)
• Inner circumference 201.00 mm (7.92 in)
• Width 38.50 mm (1.52 in)
• Slips on
• May be sized up or down, please contact us for details

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