Florence Bangle


An understated masterwork from the Collector Line by Mark Davis. This bangle was created from a remarkably rich, marbled bakelite in brown with red and black undertones. Seven evenly spaced sections have been fitted with an 18k yellow gold stud in the form of a softened cone. The cones are recessed into the bangle by about 60%. Much like a cat's claws at rest. Surrounding the recessed cones, solid 18k gold wire in three different diameters has been precisely inlaid in an abstract wreath pattern. The inlaid gold is truly that - inlaid deep below the surface - and then filed and polished to perfection on the face of the bangle. The meticulous precision of the inlay work is a hallmark of Mark Davis pieces.

Metal   18-Karat Yellow Gold (Au750)

Inner Diameter 62.75 mm (2.47 in)
Inner Circumference 197.13 mm (7.76 in) 
Width 35.00 mm (1.38 in)

Notes One-of-a-kind
May be sized up or down
SKU 41501462


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