Hand-carved cuffs of vintage bakelite prong-set with rock crystal and rose quartz in 18 karat gold.



Mark Davis jewelry is presented in four collections: Bakelite, Wood, Metal, and Collector. The Bakelite, Wood, and Metal collections are named for their primary materials, while the Collector line is a selection of pieces that incorporate highly specialized techniques with both single and combined materials. Collector pieces include laminated, inlaid, and mosaic pieces as well as prong-set, articulated, and hand-carved creations. The Collector line comprises the most special pieces in what is already a singular line of fine jewelry. 

Tusk pendants hand-carved from laminated vintage bakelite mounted in 18 karat gold and pavé diamond caps.


While each collection has its distinct characteristics, all share important attributes. Quality is paramount in every respect: Mark works in close collaboration with his team of highly skilled artisans to realize his designs and to maintain exceptionally high standards not often offered today. A tremendous amount of manual labor—using both ancient jewelers’ techniques and modern manufacturing methods—is invested in every Mark Davis piece. Every item is meticulously handmade in our New York City studio. Nothing is mass-produced, and most pieces are one of a kind. Those created in multiples are available only in limited quantities.

Hand-carved vintage bakelite "sugarloaf" rings mounted in 18 karat rose and yellow gold.


Mark’s expert use and adaptation of alternative materials is one reason that his jewelry is so special. By applying the exacting techniques of the haute joaillerie to materials not traditionally considered “fine,” Mark has created collections remarkable for their freshness and exceptional distinctiveness.