Blake Bangle

24.601 zl

This marbled yellow vintage bakelite bangle is from the Mark Davis Collector Line. Precisely inlaid with multicolored bakelite petals to create a floral pattern, each flower features a beautiful colored gemstone at its center. This bright and cheerful piece is the embodiment of happiness for your wrist! The medium width is substantial enough for the bracelet to make a statement on its own but is not too wide that it cannot be worn with others.

18-Karat Yellow Gold (Au750)
Amethyst 0.72 ctw
Citrine 0.72 ctw
Iolite 0.42 ctw
Peridot 0.60 ctw
Tanzanite 0.50 ctw
Inner Diameter 64.50 mm (2.54 in)

Inner Circumference 202.63 mm (7.98 in)
Width 31.00 mm (1.22 in)

Notes One-of-a-kind
May be sized up or down
SKU 41201126


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