Chelsea VI Bangle


From the Mark Davis Collector Line, this remarkable bangle has been meticulously created from vintage, translucent, blue bakelite with tonal blue marbling. Precisely inlaid squares of different shades of blue and green bakelite form a checked pattern. The center of every inlaid square has been set with an amethyst mounted in 18k yellow gold. Although this is a wider bangle, it appears light and almost ethereal due to the high degree of transparency. This is a very special bangle, and to date, only one has been created in this color and pattern. This is a prized piece for any serious Mark Davis collector.

Metal   18-Karat Yellow Gold (Au750)
Gemstones Amethyst 11.56 ctw

Inner Diameter 64.20 mm (2.53 in)
Inner Circumference 201.69 mm (7.94 in)
Width 44.50 mm (1.75 in)
Notes One-of-a-kind
May not be sized up or down
SKU 41251073


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