Willow Bangle


This lightly marbled, blonde tortoiseshell-colored vintage bakelite bangle has been inlaid with marbled brown bakelite lozenge shapes. The diamond-shaped elements are clustered into precise groups of four that create an Argyll-like pattern. The center of each section has been sent with a citrine in an 18k yellow gold bezel. This piece from the Mark Davis Collector Line seems to almost glow. The bakelite has a high degree of transparency and the marbling is noticeable but subtle.

Metal   18-Karat Yellow Gold (Au750)

Citrine 3.34 ctw


Diameter 64.20 mm (2.53 in)
Circumference 201.69 mm (7.94 in)
Width 47.00 mm (1.85 in)


May not be sized up or down

SKU 41551186


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