Evelyn Bangle


This very pretty soft pink marbled bakelite bangle has been set with a random assortment of perfectly spaced gemstones set in 18k yellow gold. Delicate and beautiful on its own, it is perfectly suited for stacking with others. Amethyst, citrine, rhodolite, tsavorite, blue, pink and yellow sapphire, and white topaz add just the right amount of color and light.

Metal   18-Karat Yellow Gold (750)

Amethyst 0.06 ctw
Citrine 0.06 ctw
Rhodolite Garnet 0.08 ctw
Tsavorite Garnet 0.08 ctw
Blue Sapphire 0.15 ctw
Pink Sapphire 0.15 ctw
Yellow Sapphire 0.08 ctw
White Topaz 0.08 ctw


Inner Diameter 64.00 mm (2.52 in)
Inner Circumference 201.06 mm (7.92 in)
Width 8.50 mm (0.33 in)

Notes One-of-a-kind
May be sized up or down
SKU 40601109


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